Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Party & Play date

Quite a few years back we had a Valentine's Party for our local college friends. Well... this year it was suggested by good friends to have it yet again. This time we added some local friends too, and before we knew it we were at max capacity and had to stop the list! Yikes, but good times had by all! Everyone contributed delicious appetizers, Mike grilled the tri-tip perfectly, everything was yummy, the drinks were flowing and the karaoke was LOUD! It was a long night of singing...or listening on my part. With sober ears you can really tell who is tone deaf(Meyer) and who can sing well(Linds)! I always forget Kernal rocks it on the rap songs!! I finally got home at 4am with a house full of people. Good times- thanks for coming out!!


Delicious Mini Cupcakes from Kim Duke's Old Vine Bakeshop!
You know when you try on an outfit at home and you think....this doesn't look too bad. And when you are pregnant this comes up more often then normal with a limited wardrobe. But I liked this dress, now I see the pics and I look like an animal printed blimp!!! Yikes, everyone was too nice to tell me....or hopefully they were too drunk to notice!

Some snapshots of the night. Thanks KR for being the photographer!

Even Vetter was there!
And the funniest pics of the nights go to the Kanters! Aaron is always making jokes...
Jenny's a good sport!
Kristen "fake" touching the belly!
And we had a big jar of M&M's for guessing....and Hilder was caught cheating!!
I think hands down Meyer is the best karaoke singer....any objections?
Or maybe he just sang the longest?? I finally got him off the mic at 3:30!!
Happy Valentine's Day from Giada- the new tilted smile!
Giada helped Mike plant my new tulips!
Play date with the Mettler's and Manna's- neither Giada or Cooper would smile for my pics!
Cooper wanted to hold her hand on the way to lunch - too cute!

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rachel said...

I love your decorations, great job!