Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Giada's been up to...& belly pic!

Nicole and I took the kids out to the ranch one day to play at the lake and visit the cows. They always ask about the "moos" as Dylan calls them. Giada loves the cows and wants to get as close as she can to them, and plays with the barb wire- this kid usually has no fear!!
For Valentine's Day Mike got Giada a kite. The weather was perfect for us to take it out for a test drive last week. She loved it and said it "was going to high in the sky"

Nana got Giada this stroller for Valentine's Day and she LOVES taking Fancy Nancy on walks. She has had this doll since she was an infant and its a new favorite!
Sunday we had a long play date with the Diehl girls while the boys watched the All Star game. The girls play so well together. Giada gave Peyton MANY hugs and kisses....not sure if she was enjoying them all, but Peyton's always a good sport!
Giada has always been so nice and sweet to her pets....until now. She has started growling so LOUD at Max he just runs off. So I had to capture her actually being nice to Max, but of course she kept purposely closing her eyes when I tried to take the picture.
Giada is into hiding these days. Her new spot is this little corner in the laundry room. She sits on the medicine balls, and hides there, waiting for us to find her. Now that we know the spot it's not so hard, but she doesn't say anything so you have to watch her sneaky ways these days.

18 weeks! Appt today. This picture does NOT do the belly justice, they never do. But I must look a lot bigger than last week because everyone's been commenting
"Whoa you look pregnant now"

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