Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Dinner, G Holiday Pics, Children's Museum,Portland Wedding, Santa #2

I forgot to post these from a holiday dinner a few weeks back. Great to catch up with everyone and have a nice dinner before the holidays start getting hectic. Thanks Bre for organizing!!

As always I like to support some of my favorite local photographers. Stephanie Moe had her mini session this time around as a "Trim the tree" session. So she came to our house and took pics as Giada was putting up ornaments - fun!
Milk and Cookies anyone??
We also took holiday pics with Bre at BW Photography. Giada was in a great mood that morning, always helpful for the picture taking!

Nicole and I decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum in Stkn last week. Unsure of how a place in Downtown Stkn would be Id say we had our expectations pretty low. BUT we were so happy to find that its a great place. They do a great job of integrating Stockton, the Delta, etc into the learning all throughout the museum, definitely a place to go back to!

Next stop- Portland, Oregon for my cousin Steph's wedding. My mom, Giada and I headed up there this past weekend. It was a little chilly, and rainy but we had a great time! Giada managed to get lots of free rides!

On the luggage cart

From Uncle Pete...
Uncle Chris..

Hotels are always fun for kids. She made many phone calls on this phone to Matt, Pops, Auntie & Nonni!
On the way home we got an extra seat- whoo hoo....that window shade must have gone up and down 50 times! Giada did pretty well on the plane flight. Sleeping almost the whole way both directions. On the way there she woke up crying about her ears so the last 15 min or so were a little touch and go, but the flight home she slept the whole way! Yeah for us!
The wedding was a great time to catch up with family. Steph did a great job, everything was very nice, food delicious and jazz band so fun! Giada danced up a storm all night!

Hugs for Nana

7 of the 8 siblings, just missing Ran who couldn't make the trip.
Cousins! (Not nearly all of us...but the ones who were there! We are a big group!!)
Midnight Serenaders were awesome

And the groom joined in for a couple songs which was nice, since a lot of the family hadn't heard him play before. We were all impressed. He was great!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Santa was at the airport and who knew....this week she would love him. She took pictures with him at both airports, and didn't want to leave his side. She will tell you he says ho ho ho merry Christmas, and that he gives you candy- lol

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