Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day, Shower, Mary Poppins, Random Pics

As I earlier reported we have been at swim lessons for the last few weeks. Giada and Dylan Kerns have been forced to like each other since birth! But lately they have decided to be best buddies, which we just think is adorable. Dylan waited for Giada to get to swim lessons and then wanted to hold her hand into class. Giada of course loved this since she is usually trying to hold kids hands, and they are not usually as thrilled. All the swim teachers are still talking about it.
This week Giada spent some time with Nana since Gina was in town and we were trying to get some oil items checked off the list. They have no shortage of fun when they are together. One day they headed to the dog park with Steph.
Speaking of Gina...we loved having her in town!
This past Friday I headed to Sac with Linds and Hilder to see the play Mary Poppins, it was a great show! Hilder was my secret santa this year and it's a miracle I never lost the ticket she gave me 6 months ago. Thanks Hilder!

Happy Fathers Day Mike! Or as Giada told him all day " Dad Happy Mothers Day" It was pretty funny I would tell her Happy Fathers Day and then she would tell him Mothers...She finally got it the last time she said it before bed. We had a nice day as a family, and I spent some time with my dad too!

Every year I take "I heart dad" pictures. It's been so fun to see how much she has changed from year to year. I can only imagine how much harder it will be next year to get 2 kids to cooperate in photos! :)

We made Mike a new platter for when he is BBQing. She kept telling him about her green hand prints...she isn't then best at secret keeping! But she was so excited to carry it out to him when he was cooking.

The girls threw baby boy a beautiful shower this weekend. His aunties have been spoiling him already. It was a beautiful morning brunch at Phillips Farms. Thank you girls so much for hosting and friends/family for coming. Such a fun morning.

Beautiful decor with handmade puffs!
Delicious Cookie and Cupcake Favors!!
Delicious Waffle Bar!
Adorable Diaper Cake
Baby Mike and Julie
Sarah and Conner came down for the shower and Giada had so much fun playing at the park with the Con-man! Thanks Jane for making the trip down!
Beautiful hostesses! Thank you girls - xo!

Nana and Nonni
Aubrey got to join the big girl party
Ergo Carrier!
Love the Giants outfit, this boy will be cheering for the right team!
Giada update!
- I forgot to mention that when we went to Aptos a couple times Linds and I told Giada "Hilder said no" when she was doing something we didn't want her to do. Hilder is so much fun that Giada never seemed to mind. Well this week Giada said it to me a couple times when she knew she was doing something she shouldn't...it was so funny
- We were visiting with a friend this week who has a flower tattoo on her foot. Giada told her she had a stamp on her foot, we all laughed and said yes it's like a permanent stamp.
- She has learned how to open the freezer and takes out what she wants...it's becoming a problem.
-Giada feeds Bailey, my old cat, that lives at my parents house, treats all the time...a little later she noticed her nail polish had started coming off. Now she tells everyone that Bailey ate off her nail polish.
- Out of the blue she will say " I can't understand you when you are crying" which is obviously something I tell her. But if she wants something and I'm saying no to whatever it is she says "Im not crying" like that means she should get it. The logic is funny.
-She gave me a big kiss the other night and said it was like Matt and Steph at the wedding. I didn't even realize that she watched Matt and Steph kiss at the wedding and that was a month ago. Her memory amazes me.
-Same bedtime books over and over! She likes this Big Red Barn book from Auntie Jen, along with the Give a mouse a cookie series.
-Counts to 15, and down from 5 pretty well....15-20 are a little out of order!

Baby Update
-Still no name. We keep working on it, maybe settled on the middle.
-Appointment tomorrow and then I go to weekly appointments - yikes!
- I got asked this week if I was having TWINS! C'mon, I know my stomach is growing but I don't think I look that big!! He said " You having twins? You have 2 in there?" I said, "no they tell me 1, do I look that big??"
- Another guy said I look really uncomfortable! Why do they need to say these things???
-I'm feeling good still. He moves a lot and really feels like he is out of room. Either I have more growing to do or this boy is much bigger. But what is funny is I have totally reached the point where I cannot physically touch the ground when I bend over. It's not a problem, you just move your legs but it makes me laugh every time I try to do it to pick something up and forget.

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