Monday, June 6, 2011

Elmo, Gymnastics, Friend Kim & 33 weeks

This past week Nicole and I took the kids to see Elmo. They loved it! Even Aubrey was occupied staring at all the lights. Lots of singing, dancing and flashing lights...add in souveniers and popcorn...what kid wouldn't be happy!??

The kids were happy at intermission when they got a light stick and popcorn!
I never think to take pics during gymnastics, usually because I am running around trying to keep Giada from running into the foam pit! But I grabbed a few this week. Giada loves Miss Megan and looks forward to class every week. Music starts again this week after a few weeks off. She didn't understand the break we had and can't wait to see Miss Wendy too!

This week we headed to Elk Grove to Funtastic Center. It's a neat place the kids can play and moms can visit. Heather, Jenny and I enjoyed catching up! I didn't get any good pics, but Giada was very insistent on Preston showing her the way down the slide.
Sunday we had a family BBQ at Ran and Bud's (my aunt and uncles) we were also joined by good family friends Kent and Kim Campbell. Giada must have know they are experienced grandparents she took right to them and kept wanting to play with her "friend Kim." They did some snail hunting and named them Sammy and Sally snails. Kent kept stealing her food, which she thought was "very sneaky"

All in all a very good weekend. Jeanne and I had oil events on Friday night and Saturday and then we got a ton done around the house on Sunday. Garage is clean! New shelves are hung above the new desk/computer/office area. So this week I can work on clearing out the baby's room. Oh and I ordered bedding too...hope I like!

Giada is big these days on:
-What's this? What's that? She says it for everything even when she knows what it is. I try to entertain her because I know I was just like that as a kid!
-Long naps quite a few 3 hour naps these days, which would be nice if she wasn't waking up at 5:30!!!
-She wants you to count with her all the time and counts to 15 pretty well.
- I asked her "Do you know the muffin man?" thinking we would sing the song and she said "yes he lives with Shrek!"

33 weeks
- I'll do an updated belly photo, it's getting big. I can feel him all the time moving all around I think he is out of room. I can feel hands and feet often.
-We are working on names, not sure we are any closer. I think middle is dialed in!
- I still can't complain, I've remained super active. I do get tired in the evening and once I lay down I'm out quickly but it's still 10 or 11 before I'm in bed
- Appt Wednesday so I'm sure I'll find out more about this little guy
- The one main thing I thought would be different this time is that it wouldn't seem so surreal, but that is so not true. The only thing that is different is I'm more confident I can take care of a baby then last time when we drove off from the hospital. It still is amazing and crazy to think there is a person inside my stomach!!!! I expected that to not seem so strange this time around.

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Sloan Family said...

Cute new picture of all of you in your header! Mom just told me that you're due the 21st of July. That's Collin's birthday. Yay for an easy date to remember! Looks like you guys had fun at Elmo. We took Drew to that too and he loved it! Can't wait to see you again at Christi's wedding...Drew's STILL talking about Giada and Matt's wedding, should be fun to get them together again. :)