Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim lessons, Birthday Dinner, Aptos & Shower

Who would think it's a great idea to sign up for parent- tot swim lessons almost months pregnant??? Me of course! These things always seem like a good idea when I sign up!! A little cold the first couple days but now the weather is starting to heat up. Giada is doing them with her friends Dylan and Seve so that is always fun to be with friends on these adventures. All the kinds are doing better and better each day. We even got an action jump shot!
(Thanks mom for taking Giada when I couldn't one day last week!)

We love that our teacher friends are on vacation. Playdate with Peyton. The girls were enjoying a yogurt pop - or "having a picnic" as they called it. Thanks Bre for having us over!
Girls night out!
We had a birthday dinner with the girls to celebrate Nicole and Lindsay.
Happy Birthday ladies!
This weekend Mike was off to a bachelor party, so Giada and I joined the girls in Aptos to celebrate Lindsay's birthday. Beautiful weather, so glad we went! We went to the beach everyday, it was so relaxing and Giada loved it!
If you ever need to have someone go with you on a beach trip - take Hilder. She was a kids dream at the beach. She would build sandcastles as quick as Giada could knock them down. They dug for sand crabs, and ran with the birds. Hours of fun! Thanks Auntie Hilder!
They must have gathered up 100's! Babies everywhere and "mom's with eggs" as Giada keeps telling me. Hilder was giving her a nature lesson since they are in mating season.
In the beginning she wasn't so sure about holding them...but she warmed up to the idea and was digging for them in the end.
Those poor birds never stood a chance with Hilder and Giada around!
Giada and Lindsay had been talking about nail painting forever. She requested "orange like the Giants!" She has been loving showing everyone her painted nails and toes ever since they were done. I was surprised she sat still for it. She's growing up!
She even asked Linds to paint her own matching....which she did, despite wanting orange on her own nails. What a great auntie!
Linds and Anna enjoying a glass of vino at the Cottage.
After getting back from Aptos we headed over to Jeanne's friends house for a baby shower. Baby boy was spoiled. Thank you again so much to all who were there! My photographer got distracted and only took a few pics but here are a few and the belly pic!
During dinner Kim brought around french bread to everyone. Of course Giada tells her " I need oil!" I couldn't believe she said that, I guess she is the daughter of an olive oil family. Then when the noodles are brought over to her she asked for cheese - geez I can't take this girl anywhere - Lol!
Testing out the new sit and stand stroller!
34 weeks!

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