Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zoo, Camping Adventure, A's game, Updates

Last week we went with Seve and Alex to the zoo. The lorikeets are in town and we thought it would be fun to have a picnic in the park after. We weren't the best at taking photos, but a few of these are pretty funny. A little background is I don't care for birds, so this is a stretch already to go in there and feed them. I will say I did better than the other girls. One of them threw the nectar and screamed - it was pretty comical. But when one landed on my head to try and eat my sunglasses and the other was on my shoulder - I'd had about enough!

Not so bad when they eat from a distance...
Then they start creeping up!
Giada giving Seve one of her hugs....not sure he was thrilled about it!

Before everyone came out to the lake we went out there to clean a few things up. Giada had so much fun playing in the sand pile that Nonno had there!

This weekend we had planned to camp at Mike's parents lake. We did it last year, and it was lots of fun. All the elements of camping and only 10 minutes from town! You would think Memorial weekend would be a nice hot weekend, but as I'm sure many of you found, that was not the case with weather this year. We all headed out on Saturday, about 30 of us. Music was blasting, kids were playing in the sand, volleyball games were in the works.....and then it started pouring!!!! It rained so hard for a couple hours. We vacated back to Mike's parents house for a few hours then back to the lake for campfire and smores. All in all a good time.
We may have to have a re-do camping weekend later in the summer!

Giada loves riding in the motorhome!
Tricia was occupying the kids in the sand.

Frannie Avansino made a visit!

Mike and Scott BBQ'd for a couple hours in the rain! Thanks guys!
After the rain stopped Hilder and Dylan found the puddles. They had SO much fun splashing around. I'm not sure who had more fun Dylan or Hilder.
Giada passed out before we headed back to the lake. She missed the smores!
Giada and Dylan spend a lot of time together and some visits are better than others. This weekend they were best buddies and had a blast playing. They would hide all over the motorhome. For this picture they told me they were having a picnic at the table. And said "Cheese" giving me their best grin! They loved waking up and being at the lake "camping"
Before we left Nonno came out and did some fishing with Giada.
She caught 2 before we lost the hook.

Monday KR, Nat and I went to the A's game. It was weird going to a game not wanting to cheer for either team, but we had good seats, and great weather. Fun day with the girls. I will say it was weird to be in Oakland and definitely there were more Yankee fans than As fans.

Lately Giada loves playing dress up. We were given a bunch of dress up clothes and she puts them on and runs all over the house. In this instance she wanted to put on this tutu to go out and collect worms and snails.....go figure!
Giada has been so funny lately! Some favorites below:
- Out of no where she will say "Calm yourself daddy!" I will take blame for this one, I'm sure she has heard me say this, but it's really funny to hear her say it, although we are trying to discourage it!
-She has been walking all around with her hands on her hips.
-She found Max's collar, it had fallen off. It's a red heart with his name and our info on it in case he gets lost. She picked it up and said "It says I love my cat"
-Loves the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" book series. We read them over and over!
-Loves gymnastics and music class. We are on a couple week break from music and she cannot figure out why we aren't going there and asks for Ms. Wendy every day.
-We saw a picture of a Kangroo on TV. I asked her what a kangaroo does....thinking she would say jump. Nope, she said "Baby is called a joey"
- When I ask her to do something she is real big on "5 more minutes mom"
-If she burps she always says "I burp I cough I burp I cough" and laughs
- We start swim lessons next week so that will be fun. And by fun I mean fun for Giada. Why I thought it would be a good idea to be in a parent tot swim class for a month when I'm 8 months pregnant is beyond me :)

- Same here , he is moving a ton.
-No closer on a name
-I am starting to itch, which means the ol tummy is growing!
-Fortunately I feel great, so it's super annoying to me all the things people keep telling me I can't do. My neighbor(who is a dr) came out and told me to get off my bike. Apparently that's out.
-Also mowing the lawn. I grew up doing it, it's kind of therapeutic, and when you live in town it takes 2 seconds to mow the lawn. But apparently that's out too!
-Foot cramps, I do get quite a few of those at night.
-I keep saying this but hopefully this week will make some progress on the clearing out the room and will order bedding!!

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