Monday, May 2, 2011

Syd turns 6, Shower for Steph, Discovery Kingdom, Dinners, & Mud fun!

Sydney turned 6 on March 31. I think I forgot to blog about that! She has been a great dog!
This past week Renee and I took Nico and Giada to Discovery Kingdom. It was so much fun, it had rides, animals for the kids to see and shows. They had a blast and we will go back for sure.

I think the kids are always wondering where we are taking them.....
sometimes they aren't so sure.
The walrus was fun to see and jumped up right in front of the kids. It scared them a little, then they loved it!
The kids loved feeding the giraffes. And surprisingly there wasn't anyone else around so they got to feed the kids as much as they wanted. Carrots, lettuce, they had so much fun, we had to drag them away. Did you know the reason the tongue is black is because they always have it out of their mouth to eat, and they don't want want it to get sunburned.
I learned something new!
Giada loved playing in this room full of balls. It was the "ball elevator" she called it.
This week we had an oil event in Sonoma. We had a media dinner with Estate restaurant. The chefs made a delicious dinner with all our oils and vinegar. Yum!
We had a beautiful shower at a Tracy winery for Steph. Great job Lynz and Laura!
Can't believe the wedding is 2 weeks away.
Bridesmaids (minus Kyla)
Cozy court moms!
Girls that work at the Salon with Steph
Games! We played lots of fun games at the shower. Julie on the right was declared the winner! I highly suggest never using 1 ply paper for this was very difficult to construct dresses, it kept ripping!

Present time!
Outdoor dishes to use on their new patio.
Steph has a funny expression on her face in many of the photos, because she kept guessing the wrong answers to the game and had to put a piece of gum in her mouth for each answer wrong. She kept claiming Matt was saying the wrong answers, it was pretty funny. This gum pic below is not even as big as it got!
I've been to quite a few bridal showers and never have I watched something so sweet. Steph's mom Kitty made a slideshow of Steph growing up with the perfect music and pics of Matt and Steph - there wasn't a dry eye in the place!
After the shower we headed to a dinner with friends. Good times that night!

Mud! Giada found a mud hole in the backyard and had SO much fun playing around in it.
Giada Update
- She has been reading to me a lot lately. And it usually 94 -7 - zero is how it starts off. It's comical.
-Loves signing nursery rhymes lately, and will sing them over and over, all kinds of them.
-Loves the "Give a Mouse a Cookie" series and all the others that go with it.
- We heard a bird signing the other day and I asked her, " What is that bird saying" she said "Tweet tweet, I want a cracker"
- She will walk up to you and tell you she wants to give you something. She says "Use your manners, say please" "Thank you for using your manners"
- OBESESSED with snails and worms. She loves collecting them. I have tried to tell her they stay outside and she doesn't need to hold them all in her hand, but she disagrees!
-When she wants you to play a different song on the CD she says "next page please"

Baby Update
-7 months, getting there
-Making progress on the room. Small progress. Put a new computer desk together and have started clearing out what was the guest room/office.
-Kicking a ton and stomach is growing quick!!

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Mettler's said...

she is such a doll and you are adorable! I don't remember what you looked like the 1st time pregnant, but you are this tiny little person, tiny arms and legs with a basketball, you are so cute! And how did you guys do that video, that was awesome!