Monday, May 23, 2011

Graeagle, Baby and G updates!

After the wedding last weekend we headed to Graeagle. It was for a funeral, so not under the best circumstances, but nice to see everyone and celebrate the wonderful life of Harvey West. It was unusual to have to take the back way in since it was snowing!! But always a relaxing time in Graeagle - so beautiful there. We saw a ton of deer, which Giada and I both enjoy, and Giada of course needed to sit on the bear. She took monkey over there to sit on it. The said "dad come sit on bears tail" I said, "do you think he will fit?" She said, "mom get your camera" We had a good laugh over it, and it was a cute pic!
We didn't get back until Tuesday so it seemed to throw the whole week off, and make the week fly by. We had 2 big oil events this weekend. Artisan Market at the Williams Sonoma in SF, and the St Mary's Olive Oil Festival. Both were successful but we had a lot to prepare for. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth. The SM festival is always fun to run into people we have't seen in a LONG time.

I just wasn't a good picture taker this weekend. We also went to a couple birthday parties. Happy Birthday Scott and Camy!

But don't worry we had plenty of time to catch a lizard. It was running around the house for some reason so I taught Giada how to trap it... then she had the big decision of where to let it go. She had such a tough time deciding grass or mud!! The dilemmas of a 2 year old. She spent the rest of the day looking for where it had "run off to"

As you could tell from above Giada is enjoying requesting her photo be taken. This time she said "Hey dad, take a photo of me with Sydney"
Forgot to mention this last week but we used these on our shoes at Matt and Stephs wedding and they are amazing. It's this clear piece that attaches your heel so you don't sink into the ground and you don't even see them. They are called Sole Mates High Heeler. I wish I had them for the past 10 years of weddings on the grass!! It's one of those "Why didn't I think of that???" inventions!
Giada - funny stuff she says
- She said a couple times "lets go find trouble" we finally asked her where she heard that and she said Pops! We laughed and should have known! Sounded like something my dad would say. I guess they were saying that during the wedding!
- When we were in Graeagle she said " Lets go out there in the golf cart and feed the deers a treat" I said, "what kind of treat?" she said, "Like a dog treat"
- She is constantly saying there are bees and flys around and swatting them. I think she just likes an excuse to hit things.
-She will drape something over her arm and tell you it's a snake and ask if you want to pet it. It could be anything from a sock to a baby that is draped over. She saw the lady do that at 2 zoos when she was letting you pet the snakes, so I guess that's where she got it!
- Giada made friends at the wedding and will tell you" I want to see my cousin from the wedding day" She had so much fun playing with Drew.
-We took care of Matt and Stephs dogs while they were gone. Every time we walked up they would start barking so loud, she would say " It's ok Diesel, Dutchess it's just us!"
- Also why Matt and Steph were gone, she would see his truck in the driveway and ask, "Wheres Matt been? Bike ride?"
- She tells me "Dad calls you Jules, I call you mom"
- She will walk up to you and say "Say please" she is wanting you to say please and ask her for whatever she is hiding behind her back. It can be challenging if I can't sneak a peek at what she has behind her back. Then when you say "Please can I see the xxxx" she says "thank you for using your manners." Its pretty funny.

- They say his head is down and moved me up to July 21
-I start my 2 week appt tomorrow, seems crazy to be so close already!
- I feel very cramped especially when I'm sitting, not sure where he is going to go for the next 8 weeks. Long drives are kind of uncomfortable.
- I continue to have very realistic and vivid dreams. I wake up having to decide if they are real or not, I don't remember that happening with Giada.
-Maternity pants are the worst things ever. I have tried the ones with big and small band, they all fall off. I can't get a size smaller or it won't fit my legs!! I wear them occasionally but still try to squeeze in my pants. I didn't have this problem last time either so he must be sitting different than Giada was.
- All in all feeling great, and need to work on his room and name!!

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