Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matt & Steph get married! Birthday 29.2

This weekend was a memorable one for sure. My brother got married this weekend.
Our family couldn't be happier for them. Matt and Steph have been together for 6 years and we love her dearly. We have worked with her family for the past year on all the little details. Everything went off beautifully. Steph did so much of it herself - even made the centerpieces and they were beautiful!! Thank you to all the friends and family who made it and helped out along the way.

We started Friday off with manicures, pedicures and mimosas of course!

Steph's Auntie Ann and Aunt Julie from Colorado hosted a beautiful lunch at Wine & Roses, the weather was perfect, we sat outside and had an outstanding lunch! Thank you again Ann and Julie - wonderful to meet you both.
Rehearsal Dinner
Matt and Steph ended up extending the invite to their out of town relatives coming to the wedding. It was fun to meet Steph's family, as well as visit with ours, since as most of you know the wedding day flies by and it never seems like there is enough time to visit!

After the rehearsal all the girls stayed at our house and we spent Saturday morning getting our hair and make-up done. Even Mya played around with the garter. The girls spent their spare time taking pics of the essentials....dress, flowers, rings etc.
A shot or two helps get the jitters out!

Limo ride to the wedding
Giada loved the limo. Everyone told me that once she was in a bigger forward facing car seat- which was long ago- she would be much happier in the car.....well those people were wrong. She always complains of being "stuck", "mom hold me" but don't worry, that doesn't detur me from going on roadtrips!
Flowergirl did so....she noticed Mike and yelled out "Daddy" and ran to him....then came back and I lured her over with a sucker which helped for the rest of the vows. Luckily it was a quick ceremony!
Here comes the bride!
Sealed with a kiss!
Mr and Mrs. Fuhrman
It's official - lets celebrate!
She lost the headband moments after the ceremony :)
Giada and Drew are 2nd cousins. They were having so much fun playing together on the fence and in the rocks! Drew is darling I wish we could get them together more often!
What ?? I'm not supposed to play in the rocks in my pretty dress?1st Dance
Lifelong friends- Campbell girls(minus a few) and Dad Kent!
The only family pic we managed to get that night!
This Saturday was also my birthday - the big 29.2 I was happy to share the day with them! KR and I are birthday buddies and always do brunch with the girls. This year we went on Sunday to Wine and Roses for brunch and mimosas. Of course mine were champagne less but fresh squeezed OJ atleast so that's a plus! Natalie made some delicious cupcakes to top off the brunch. Thanks Nat- they were yummy!! And this year one of the birthday girls (I'll let you guess which one) required that we wear "hair flair" to the brunch. SO...that explains the added pieces to our attire.

Happy Birthday KR!

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