Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catch Up Blog!

This was a crazy week(Ill explain in the next blog), but this is what I was going to post last week. (Sorry I got behind Nicole & Jacks! :)

Some more puctures from the McGarry wedding that I just got sent. Thanks Sam!
Mr & Mrs

Groom, Jarrid, Mike
Jarrid, Mike, Timmer

Jackie, Gino & I

Again here are pictures we were sent from Jon & Lisa's 25th Wedding Vow Renewal
Jon & Lisa
Us with Nonno

Matt & Steph got their wedding pics back....I don't know about you but this is one cute flower girl! mom's side of the family - MacLaggans - have a family outfit that my mom and her 7 siblings all came home from the hospital in. As our family has grown, then there was a photo of all of my cousins and I in the outfit, now all of our children. The outfit is delicate and gets sent around to whomever is next in the mail. My photos never turn out that great, especially with my helper wanting to move her brother all around. You'll even notice Giada had the gloves on and a MacLaggan bracelet!
Max loves all the kid toys!
Humm...what do you think this is below???? My garden has sucked this year. Lots of reasons, but I was trying to grow bell peppers again, last year was a bust. I had one on there that was finally getting big enough. I was going to leave it on for another day or two, and all of a sudden it was missing! I went around to the front to see what Giada was up to and she had picked it and torn it up!! She was happy to tell me what she had done!! I was so bummed, hope another one grows. She loves picking blueberries, tomatoes etc, but she usually isn't a garden destroyer!!There was cement being poured at the ranch so we put the kids footprints in there, Gino's are tiny!First bath....he's not convinced it's so great yet!Gymnastics is always a highlight of the week. This week we did some playing on the bars...And handstands, which she now says " I do it myself!"Giada and her buddy Coop enjoying a otter pop after class. Don't you love Coop's new haircut!
Annual Mud Volleyball Tournament
I only got pictures of 2 of our 3 teams this year. I couldn't play but this year but look forward to next year. One team took 4th place!
Matt was there this year with a team too, they had fun playing in the mud!
And she loved the lady bug she got painted on her face. What more could a kid want??? Face painting and mud.
Even Momo was there this year....and stole Gino right away!
Even the Olsens were there....Stace and her Mini Me!
Gino's first Giants Game! Although we didn't bring them good luck that night, it was a fun night out. Thanks Meyer.
Giada did some fishing while we were away!
He looks so peaceful when he is asleep.
Giadaisms this week....

Giada "Look 2 shells"
Me "Oh snail shells"
Giada " There empty not yucky touch it"
Me "Where do you think the snail went?"
Giada " To eat your plants"

Giada " Hi Gino Ray"
me "Whats your name? "
Giada " Jada Coldani"
me Whats your middle name "
Giada " Kayla" " Jada coldani kayla
me " Can you say Michela?"
Giada " I not Kayla I Jada"

We have to tell Gino everything ... "Tell Gino Im eating Pasta" Tell Gino Im going outside" ETC

"Go get that baby he's crying"
"Gino is tiny he cant' walk, maybe when he's 1, Im 2 and a half"

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