Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Olive Festival, & Kid Updates

First of all thank you for all the well wishes, prayers, calls and thoughts that went our way during/after Gino's adventure. Although I didn't respond to everyone personally, it really meant a lot to our family. Thank you again! He had an appointment today and all seems to be well!

This past week we finally made it to Farmer's Market. Fun night out with friends on a hot summer evening. Giada was anxious to ride the pony! When we got there her friends Lucca and Cooper were getting on as well, even more fun!
Gino and I tagged along holding her. She waved to everyone as we made our rounds.
We got new couches, that do not have removable cushions...that is a big problem for Mike and Giada....it isn't as easy to make forts. But, daddy got creative and Giada was thrilled!
Hard to believe but Gino is 1 month old! He is looking at me saying "Seriously do we have to do this EVERY month!".....and yes Gino we do :)

Visitors! This week Jamie and Zac stopped by on their way to Sacramento. Always a fun day! We headed out to the lake to let Sydney swim and relax for the afternoon. James got some cuddle time with Gino. And Zac entertained Giada for hours!
This weekend was the Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival. Gina and Scott joined us this year for a family event. Despite the SUPER windy day, it was quite successful! This time we had 2 booths, and we changed the way we did our tastings, all seemed to work out well. We debuted our Very Berry Ginger Balsamic, which was well received!
Not looking our best after the almost 12 hour day.....but here we are! :) Giada was hanging out in Lodi -Taking Sydney for walks and the highlight of her weekend, going to see the parachuters at the Lodi Airport....Nana and Giada go on lots of adventures. Thanks for watching her mom!

Gino was a good sport all weekend. Traveled well in the car and hung out in the Ergo for HOURS on Saturday and seemed pretty content!! Speaking of Ergo. One lady at the festival asked me if I was holding a kid or a dog in there...... REALLY!?!? I took a minute before answering because I couldn't believe she had asked that! Do people really do that????

And when mom is working in the office...he just chills, he is a pretty calm baby for the most part!
Gino 1 month stats!
-8lbs 1 oz, 21.25" long
-Picks his head up really well, enjoys tummy time
- All the nurses have said all along he is really strong. If he is awake he is constantly moving his arms and legs all around, just like he did in my tummy
- Feeding well, sleeping as expected for a newborn. Or I should say a newborn of mine, which means he is up a ton at night! I didn't expect anything else, Giada was a terrible sleeper.
-Eyes still super blue
-He is calm and content on his own most of the time, unless he is hungry
- No cradle cap but does get baby acne throughout the day off and on
- He can finally take baths - yippee, I'm over the sponge baths
- Starting to smile more, we haven't captured it yet and coo
-Everyone says he looks like Giada, I am not just sure yet but when he is sleeping they look very similar to me!

Giadaisms for the week...
-Giada lately has been in situations where she has to choose a color - it could be a balloon, popsicle, anything....her response is often "Orange for the Giants!" I love it of course even if we have been sucking lately!
-She calls Gino "Gino Ray" and we have to tell "Gino Ray" everything we do, literally everything, all day.....hope this is a phase :)
- I was fixing Giada's hair the other day and I said "Oh there is an ant in your hair" Most kids don't like to touch ants, oh not mine she says "let me see it, give it to me" and holds it as it crawls all around her hand
- The things kids remember. I asked her to go feed Blue fish(guess what color he is :) and she says " one day one fish died, we buried it in the backyard" - that was at least 6 months ago

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