Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding in Avila & Another Week Rolls By!

This past week went by very quickly. We are all adjusting well to life as a family of 4! Lots of visitors make the week go by quickly! I forget to take pictures with everyone but try to catch as many visitors as possible. Also, thanks again friends for bringing over delicious dinners....it's so nice to have one less thing to worry about!

One night my mom and Linds took Giada to the State Fair! She had a blast and was gone for hours. The house was SO quiet!! Taking care of a newborn is a a cinch.....versus a newborn and a crazy 2.5 yr old!! LOL! Thanks mom and Linds for taking her on a fun "adventure" she is still talking about it. Last night she told me, "your laugh was like the kookaburra" .....I'm pretty sure that's not a compliment. She also knows a lot of baby animal names and was so excited to see a real baby "Joey"

Nana is brave holding that bird!

It's been hot this week we have spent a lot at the water table playing. Giada loves dumping all the sand out into the water or the ground. So much for the new bag of sand we put in there! She also made this really funny face when I took her picture. I love it!
Sydney hadn't made the blog in awhile!
Gino got to meet Zia Gina this week!! We were glad to have her home, even if it was just a few days!

Matt and Steph got some Gino time too!

This weekend Mike and I headed to Avila to Jim and Michele McGarry's wedding. It was beautiful - Congrats you two and enjoy Italy! Jim was an AGR roommate of Mike's. He was in the wedding so we headed down Friday and made a weekend of it. It was great to visit with everyone, and have my Firestones fix of course! Gino was great, and slept most of the time. Giada had a fun weekend at nana and pops!
The Timmer was already teaching Gino tips on how to be a great football player...after all, as he has mentioned many times....he did play with Brady :)

I even got a visit in with Carrie and Sara!
It's still weird to me to have him in shorts and summer clothes since Giada was a winter baby.
Giada LOVES to give him kisses all day long. She will come in from playing in the mud and say " I won't touch him with the mud just kiss him"

He looks like such a little man with his wrinkly forehead!
Giada loved her butterfly wing gift when we got home from Avila and has been flying around ever since.
Oh you thought this pack n play was only for dolls??

Baby Update
- I forgot to mention something funny that happened when we were in the hospital. Our nurse didn't know that we even liked the Giants and she made a "Torture" reference during labor. She said you are like Giants, it's pure torture until you pull it out at the end. It made me laugh, I knew exactly what she meant as a Giants fan, so it was perfect and got my mind off things for a moment or two!
- Little man is eating tons and sleeping a lot ...during the day. We are working on nights. Giada was a terrible sleeper, so I figure he can't be any worse. But I'm trying a few new things this time (right Mandie!!?) So hopefully we will make some progress!
-His belly button fell off on the 28th. We are close to real baths soon!!
-Dr appt this week so hopefully he is growing well and his manhood is all healed up!!

Giada Update
- She is quite the story teller these days. Stories will jump all around from one topic to the next, and it always involves her cousin Drew!! They go on many adventures it seems!!
-She told us that at the fair "she caught a big fish and a little fish and they gave her a prize" Now she has added a stuffed dolphin to her animals she has to sleep with every night!
- She told Gino " You know me? I'm Jada Jada Coldani. I tell my sister a secret. When you are bigger I can pick you up!" It's cute she is always telling him things that he can do when he is older, and she calls him sister often!
-She always says "See you later crocodile alligator" Its so cute I can't correct her.

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