Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bugs, Friends, Harvest, Gino pics, & Kid updates!

I think it has been well established that not much really scares Giada when it comes to bugs, etc! Matt came home from crabbing and I'm not sure who was more excited him to show his niece or her to wait all weekend for Uncle Matt to get home!
We have been finding a ton of praying mantis's at the ranch. 
She collects a few each day and lets them go every few days.  
Happy Birthday 7th Max!

Thanks Bre for snapping a few pics of Gino Ray. Little Stinker is growing up 15 months!

Little lady bug wanted in on the action!
Still harvesting! 

 Trying to get 2 kids to look at the camera at the same time...always a challenge!

When you have a big sister, and she is playing dress want to also! Gino the fairy!
 Giada and Dylan could have played on this dirt hill forever!  Silly faces first...naturally!

   Giada spent some time this week with her other buddy Seve!

Little Stella Jean is growing up quick (this pic is a little late- my bad) BUT she just got 2 bottom teeth! She is rolling over a lot more, eating some solids; sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas - all the sweet stuff!  We have been super busy and unable to have our Stella day last week - we miss her; although we do get mini visits throughout the week. 

Bath time is so much fun. He likes the water more than Giada did at this age. 
He will dive under and doesn't care if his face is wet.

Gino Update
-He enjoys eating and likes to do it all day long. Never turns down fruit, and has a pretty good appetite and variety of foods he eats like his sister.
- Speaking of sisters, he follows her everywhere
- Climbs on everything and just laughs at me and thinks it is funny when I have him get down
- Still goes to bed early 6-7ish and is out until about 5am! 
-Repeating lots of sounds, recognizing animals sounds, but really only saying a couple words. "Up" is a new one he says
- He loves throwing all the water out of the bath, which is something Giada never did!
-Gives kisses, hugs, blows kisses
-Understands direction
-Loves playing with balls, trucks, making pretend phone calls & playing dress up with Giada!
-Currently getting all 4 molars!!! Luckily teeth aren't too bad for my kids, but it does wake him up at night.

-"I want holes in my ears" I said, not yet, maybe when you are older...she says, "I'm just saying I wish I did"
-She calls my dads El Camino "uncle mino"
-The kids got flu shots the other day and she kept calling them "sling shots"
-Her imagination right now is very elaborate. She loves doing puppet shows, and having conversations with her stuffed animals.
- I said, Giada when are you going to learn you don't have to whine and cry when you want something? She answers, "when I'm 4 maybe"  I just laughed...we are close so hopefully that is true
-Giada is way better at the ipad than me, I can never find anything. One day she says, " Ill do something else why it's loading down (translation downloading)"
- " Do I look stylish in my sunglasses?"
-" Do you like possums at your house, live ones? I don't like them I think"   I just wonder where she comes up with this stuff
"When I was in your belly how did I breathe, I don't see any holes in your belly"
- The kids and I went to mail something and the teller says to us "well you all are wearing a lot of orange" Giada looks at her and with a very serious look says "there is a big Giants game on today" (this was during the world series)

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