Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween & Harvest

Usually we have a pumpkin carving party! This year continues to be to crazy for much of anything.  But we did carve as a family and it was a fun night. When Giada saw Gino painting she wanted to paint too. Then when she saw us carving she wanted to carve. I continue to notice differences in the kids. Gino of course immediately tried to eat the paint!

 Mikes per usual, excellent pumpkin! Jake this year! Giada thought it was pretty cool!

Mike and I went to a costume party. Well you never know how much everyone is going to be dressed up. Needless to say we were the most dressed up! Mike doesn't half ass costumes! They were fun. But I would forget I wasn't supposed to smile! lol

 Giada watched us get ready and asked if she could do her own makeup when we got back. Of course she did not forget and did a good job actually! We are scary!

Little ladybug and Frog enjoyed trick or treating at family and friends houses throughout the day. 
And Giada LOVED answering the door for trick or treaters. 

 Took some Halloween pics at Bre's studio when we were downtown trick or treating. Group pic looks pretty good for 8 kids under 4!  Giada of course says when she sees the pic "Cain is covering me up!"

Then I thought it would be fun to go back with Stella. Well you can see how well that turned out and this was the best photo of the options!  Classic!

Gino was so funny. He pulled this play mat from the other room, to the room we were in. Then laid in it with Stella after I laid her down.
 She says "look I have a pet friend" as this snail is crawling up her arm. I give her a look and she says, "what disgusting?" lol
 It's finally fall! Yet it is still 80 out!! Feels so warm! But, we can still enjoy a day at the lake with friends!

It's also that time of the year for harvest! Riding the harvester is so much fun for us and the kids!
So serious when they tasted the fresh oil! 

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