Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun, Run, Birthday, Shivelys Visit, Graeagle & Trees

This year Nat Dogg was on the ball and re-started the Girls Thanksgiving. We used to do it every year. It was a fun night of laughs.  Turkey was delicious as were all the pot luck contributions! 

 Shively's were in town to see the 49ers beat down the Bears....oops I mean the MNF Niners vs Bears game. We had a great breakfast visit!
Gino loves to feed Sydney food. It is becoming a problem!  
A little here and there ok....but the whole plate???  
So he has been moved to sit by Giada....we will see if this helps! 
Plus, I was tired of that high chair!

Happy Birthday Heather! Yummy dinner out at Waterloo to celebrate!
 Giada loves dressing up in Mike's clothes and then surprising him in an outfit! Mussi Farming hat fits her well!  Gino spends most of his day climbing on things he shouldn't be on and yelling for me to see him on it and then laughing.... these kids - good thing they are cute!

 My mom does Thanksgiving on Wednesday Night, which is nice then we do Coldani's on Thursday and Matt and Steph can go to the Towers! Works for everyone.  Gino missed out on this cute pic!
 Annual Thanksgiving Morning Run. KR and I are always there and then the group changes year to year. This year the Hilders joined us, Diehls, and Kerns - Big Fun!  The kiddos loved doing the kid run. Then during the 10K Giada got out and ran with us, she must have run 2 more miles! This girl enjoys running! Great job on the 6 miles KR! Trish- maybe dress a little warmer you So Cal girl ;)

 Stella sent us this pic thanking us for the bath seat! Hard to believe she is almost ready for it!! 
 Yippee a break in harvest so we were able to run up to Graeagle for a couple days. It was so relaxing. We didn't do much. We saw 29 deer....that is definitely a record! And I didn't even count some if I thought they were the same ones I saw earlier - lol.  Getting our trees was also a high priority. Giada cut a little one for her room which will be fun. She would NOT take a photo for me but we do have the tree!

 Bouregard the Bear had his winter jacket on but we snuck his head out for a few pics!

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