Friday, December 7, 2012

Seve turns 4, Marathon, Dress up

Happy 4th Birthday Captain America! AKA Seve. The rain kept us indoors but the kids could have been none the wiser. GoGo's Playroom kept them busy! 
So lately Gino has been thinking it is a good idea to wake up 4-4:30 ish. I've been trying to get this problem under control but a few mornings I gave in!  Soon after the first pic he is wide awake diving over chairs! He's an active one!

Steph snagged this cute pic of the kids when she was watching them. Monkey See Monkey Do. 
Gino copies EVERYTHING she does...big or little!

Capes are not just for kids...didn't you know??

 Rainy day weather = fun for kids! 

Helping Nana decorate the tree!

 After 3 months + of training the day was here to run the CIM marathon. Wouldn't it be my luck the weather forecasters were calling for an Atmospheric River!! Whatever that is!  I felt like I had done the training the best I could. Drank a TON of water the week leading up but how do I prepare for this rain??  So after a week of debating what to do..... I put on a light raincoat Mike found which was awesome, and wore the headband over the hat to hold in my headphones and that was about it!  I was getting calls from the relay girls even that morning to see if I was still going for it. I think they were hoping I would bail so they could! What great friends they are- they ran in the crazy weather too.  Lindsay ran the 1st leg with me we had a lot of rain, wind and hills(which I had no idea about). Leg 2 was Trisha and we just laughed. It was coming down in sheets, what else could you do?? Funny thing is we would try to not step in puddles but quickly that was not an option. Leg 3 Mel and it was pretty rainy. If I hit a wall I would say it was leg 3; at one point I said to Mel "4 more miles" it seemed far.  Then before I knew it her leg was done, it was sunny and I was on the home stretch. KR ran the 4th leg, and Tricia wanted more miles under her belt so she joined in the fun.  It was beautiful for that last hour.  Don't be thinking KR didn't get wet! They were all soaked when they met me at each relay point. Mike was taking video and photos - check out this water!  I did feel like the training paid off. The miles were not a problem. I SO lucked out on no cramps, blisters etc. Good times, I'd do it again. But I have to say the relay made ALL the difference. Being able to chat with your girlfriends, versus running for hours with just music, made all the difference. Thank you again girls! xo. Thanks to Mom, Mickey, Bruce and Giada for surprising me on the course; to Mike and Jason for driving and supporting us; to Anna for the early morning car ride; to Linds for a delicious pre race meal; and Jeanne and Mom for watching the kids!


 Just a sprinkle. The one time the weather forecaster was correct!!

Big props to Dub AKA Christie Wells on her 1st Marathon and Trent Diehl too!! Great job!!
What??? Your child doesn't wear a headlamp to dinner? NO masks while vacuuming??
 Dress up and outfit changes ALL day long! "Mom, put this in my back like brave"

Who knew raking leaves was so much fun?

Stella Days! All 3 napping at the same time = miracle!

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