Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tali's Bday, Dinner Club, Chippy, Cookies, Gymnastics Sho

Dinner Club has been something new for me this year. Thanks girls for including me! December was a cookie decorating/exchange.  I brought some left overs home with me and Chippy the elf got into some decorating mischief and the kids decorated cookies at 6 am!
Chippy has been pretty busy this December!
Gymnastics Holiday Show! Won't I be glad when Parent Tot is over and I do not have to be in the performance any more! Gino was running all over the place. I can't get the video to download but I'll keep trying. Giada with her buddy Claire below.
Giada told me, "it's cold as ice out here do we need a picture??"
Big FUN decorating cookies at Courts! Thanks for having us. Sorry again for breaking the champagne flute!! Some had HEAVY frosting. Of course the kids thought the more the better.
Jamie and Zac came to visit on their way to Sac. Always great to spend the day with them. Jamie and I got a day together since the boys were off on Sunday Funday watching football and tooling out. Zac is always a good sport playing Giada, this time she requested forts and watching the movie Brave.

Happy Birthday Tali! I already forgot the name of the place but it was so cool and set up great for parties. You would be in one room for about 30 min with slides, inflatable obstacle course, bounce house (all ok for adults too), then you went to another room for about 30 min with different slides, and a rock climbing wall. Then you were off to your final stop the party room for food, drinks and cake.  Kids had a great time and slept the whole way home!

 Gino and his buddy Levi from gymnastics taking a break during free play.

The Clarins stopped by for a visit.  The girls loved the picnic dinner, and spent most of the night in swimsuits...we still aren't sure why! The rest of us watched the 49er game. Fun had by all!
Gino testing out Stella's swing!

I like to send Stella pics to Matt and Steph on the days we watch her. She smiles so easily!

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Joel and Vanessa said...

That birthday party place sounds great. Did you ever happen to remember the name?