Saturday, December 15, 2012

Parade of Lights, Mother Daughter Party, & Santa

Part of what I love about the holidays are the traditions. A few of those we never skip are the Light Parade Downtown,Mother Daughter Party and a visit to Santa. We try to keep the kids in the back of the pretty decently. This year the light sticks were a new distraction. G loved hers and took it for show and tell the next day. The highlight of course being Santa and Mrs Claus on the fire truck at the end of the parade. The floats were all decorated beautifully this time.

Mother Daughter Party. We switch off who hosts each year. This year I was the chosen one...good thing is....I won't have to do it for another 10 years!  Planning a party with toddlers is awesome! They mess up everything you are working on. Needless to say lots of late nights and last min things to be done before the party. Thanks Matt and Steph for watching the kids for a few hours. They came back just in time to have everyone meet Stella and take the group pic. Giada was excited to be invited to the party to play with her friend Gemma!

Through the years DVD. Compiled photos for over 10+ years we could find them for. Thanks for the help KR! Some people did not like the past photos. But a favorite was of course Sarah Jane's mid drift shirt!  Good times ladies! Making memories...right!?!?!

Clearly I was being hazed; that's why I felt so terrible SUNDAY!!!

Although excited for the party;
we got this stink eye most of the night! Almost 4 year old needed sleep BAD!

 KR by far was best dressed!

 Sum kept getting Giants ornaments. Which she LOVED....NOT!
 Gemma gave Giada a make up kit....don't they look beautiful!

I was glad to see that Hilder and Gemma enjoyed the head lamp as much as Giada does!

We went to see Santa this past weekend. Giada of course asked me if he was still here from the parade?? Of course!! Why else would he still be in town??  Gino loves mascots etc., so I was a little surprised to see his distaste for Santa. Nevertheless makes a funny photo!

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