Monday, August 16, 2010

BBQ, Stoller Climbing, Ice Cream, Noah's Ark Park

Funny thing about this week was as the weekend approached I was thinking...humm...I won't have much to blog about this week. Well the weekend filled up quickly! We ended up BBQing with the Kernals and Avansino's and took ZERO photos, I'm not happy about this! But it was great catching up and seeing that little Francesca grow up so quickly! She is a mini- John!

Playing at home
Visit with uncle Matt

Mike found this cool Noah's Ark Park. It is at a church near our house and open to the public. There is a smaller play area for toddlers and then the Ark for bigger kids, rock climbing walls and lots of swings.

Of course all the animals are there to ride on....
Or hug...
Or feed...
Kisses for mom. She is into giving a lot of kisses to people, stuffed animals, even to books. We don't mind and love all the kisses! She is such a sweetheart.

What's the best thing to do after playing in the park? Go get ice cream of course! We went to Snow White, and old favorite, and it didn't disappoint! As I walk up with the order Mike says " You got her her own cone?" I replied, " Of course, I didn't want to share!" :)
She made a good dent in it!

After that adventure we napped! It felt great!
And yes, those eyelashes are still blond on one side.
Then on Sunday, it was a day of making body butter and lotion for our next products to roll out for Calivirgin. They are debuting this weekend at the Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival. Melon, Sweet Juicy Pear, Midnight Pomegranate, & Black Rasberry Vanilla. Fun stuff!
For the girl that doesn't usually love her stroller.....apparently now is telling us when she is ready to go for a ride!

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