Monday, August 2, 2010

Giant's Game, Camping

For the last few Fridays we have been heading out to the lake for a couple hours to let Giada and Sydney swim around and enjoy this mild summer weather we have had. She loves checking out the cows and "mooing" at them as we drive down the dirt road.....and then gets distracted to see herself in the mirror- too cute!

Splish Splash!

My mom has a big family- 1 of 8 kids. Jamie and his 2 sons were visiting stopping by after a camping trip in Tahoe. They are from Texas so it was a real treat to see them. We were so glad they could stop by for lunch on their long trip back. Thanks Mickey for having us over.

Cousins! Corrie, Steph and Matt we were missing you!

Uncle Jamie and his sisters!
This week Giada and I ventured to Pac Bell to catch a Giants game with the Clarin's. It was so much fun. I can't believe Giada hadn't been to a game yet. The kids were great and sat all 9 innings. It was weird to never get up and grab a beer, a hotdog, and garlic fries, but the kids were playing around and eating so many snacks we figured it was best to keep them entertained and in seats if they would stay there! We just got bleacher seats and they were the best - laid back fans up there and lots of room for the kids to roam.

En route!

Brandon was rooting for the Panda!

Good thing no foul balls came our way, since the glove was being used as a snack holder!!!

Go Giants!

Humm ....Ill try these binoculars to see these ball players a bit better. Brandon was quick to tell her she was looking at them the wrong way....but clearly she didn't mind, and then proceeded to check on them as if they were a snack. :)

The Clarin's

We tried taking another photo later to get a smile from Giada and B snuck in the photo, he didn't think we saw him, it was funny.

And if that, music class, and gymnastics wasnt enough for one week, we decided to go camping and test out this motorhome. We didn't go far, just to Coldani lake but we had a blast. Lots of friends joined us for a day of swimming, fishing, bbqing, volleyball and smores of course!
Good times!

All the kids loved playing in the motorhome, it's funny because we can all remember doing that as a kid. Why is that so fun??

Say cheese- show me your teeth!

Little miss Peyton!

The D man enjoying some time with his pops!


Kicking back!

Look what I caught!

Sydney swam around for HOURS trying to catch fish. She was pretty unsuccessful but had fun none the less!

Chillin with Auntie Linds

A beautiful quiet morning on the lake.

Clean up time "Giada, will you help me pick up all the sand toys?" I guess that is a no??


Dean Family said...

I don't think Giada has enough fun at all...haha. Great post- miss you guys!

Joel and Vanessa said...

Julie, Thanks for the comments. My family also has very fond memories of you and your family. Giada is getting so big. It still amazes me to see how fast our kids are growing. I still see myself as a 20 year old, but the mirror reminds me of otherwise. :) We are going to take Beau camping with us this a tent. Yikes. We're nervous, but if it's that bad, we'll just put him in the tent with Aunt Mel or my mom...He loves them. I have to update my blog often otherwise my mom and other family members complains. But it's easy enough if I do short entries often. Keep on posting. I love seeing what you're up to.