Monday, August 9, 2010

Mern's 30th, Mud Volleyball, Playing with Ella & Filice's

This weekend we had a girls night to celebrate Marina's entry into the 29.1 club. We went to Mama sushi in Galt. I have to admit...sushi in Galt sounded scary but it was quite delicious! The had fresh lemons and cilantro in many of the rolls- different but yummy! Then later in the week we had a BBQ at Mern's and celebrated with her family. Welcome to the club Mern!
This week we also got to visit with the Filice Family which is always good fun! They were in town visiting in-laws in Sacramento. We were having so much fun playing we forgot to take photos! Here is the only decent one I got....and it's missing Tate and smiles! Miss them, wish we lived closer and look forward to my trip in October to visit!
We also had a play date at the park with Ella! Giada taught Ella how to play in the mud....Wendy was thrilled! :)

Saturday was the annual mud volleyball in Herold. Good times as always. The weather cooperated and it wasn't too hot. We were out there about 12 hours and had so much fun. Both teams went farther than normal. This year our 2 teams ended up playing each other, which I don't think has ever happened before. It was fun, but then it meant one of our teams was knocked out. :(

Our team played 8 games, we were sore and beat up by the end of it....but 5th place out of 54 teams is not too bad! Go "Guys and Dolls!"



Giada has had a rough week, fever etc, just not quite herself. I think some teeth are coming in, so we consider ourselves lucky this hasn't happened for the other 12 teeth! But it was fun to see her back to her old self again playing one of her favorite games.

Where's Giada??? I don't see her!!!
There she is!!!!

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