Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Olive Oil Festival, Bottling, Strollerfit, Playdates, Visit w/ the Noriegas and more!

Every week is busy for us and this was no exception. We had a couple play dates with Ella and Maryn. We met Ella and Wendy at the park. The girls wanted to spend all their time in the water splashing around.
Then we met the Honre's at the Zoo. There is a new snow leopard at the zoo and the Lorikeets are still there. Apparently the birds were a little aggressive in the morning which we were told after they were all over us. I convinced Camy that they only go to the food, which they did last time. This time it was NOT the case, they were all over us. I didn't love it myself and Camy and Giada didn't either as you can see below. Maryn on the other hand was all smiles!
This week we started StrollerFit. I had been wanting to try it since Giada was born and never got around to it. I gave a try this week and was pleasantly surprised. I have been very sore every day after, so I'm going to stick to it. Don't get me wrong I do feel like a big dork running around the park, but she keeps you moving for an hour and it gives me something to do at a scheduled time 3x per week which I like. Giada seems to like it more each time, as long as I bring plenty of snacks and let her in and out of the stroller which is fine by me. It's pretty funny - the other girls in the class are pretty good and sit in the stroller most of the time, the boys want to get out and play swords, and Giada wants to do what we are doing. So she jumps around or comes over to the wall and does wall sits, it's pretty funny!

One morning last week Giada and I took Sydney to the dog park bright and early in our PJ's. She loves carrying the leash around and yelling Sydney's name if she gets too far away.
Another morning we went with my mom, Ran and Bud to Lodi Lake for a bike ride.
We always stop and let Giada play with the ducks.
Then there was Farmers Market. We met the Gramm's and Zulueta's downtown for the market. It was great to see Marla's little guy. Giada loves getting balloons at the market....we only lost 3 that night! It was hot and humid out but great to see friends, and put in our cucumber order for pickle making this week!!

Somehow we also fit in a bottling night. We have the luxury to only bottle the oil as we need it, which is better for the oil, so every so often the family gets together to bottle. We also bottled oil for our good friends the Noriega's who are using the oil for their upcoming wedding. It was so fun to see them for the evening. We can't wait for their big day!!
And here is some Calivirgin!
We were bottling our oil to head off to the Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival. Mike and I headed down with his parents and had a great weekend. They have really renovated downtown Paso. Great live music in the park, restaurants, bars, shops etc. This festival was one of our best events yet! Mike and I hit the town for a bit Friday night after dinner. We were at this bar for 2 hours before someone told us we were at a 1968 class reunion. Oops! No wonder everyone was looking at us weird. We did enjoy their live band and outdoor seating!!
I bet they thought we were someones kids??

People were taking photos next to our big bottle cut out - it was classic!

Somehow Steve missed out on our photo!
The Clarin's came by for a visit and Addy was looking good in her olive branch crown. It was great to see you guys and the Brownlee's too- thanks for the visit!

Our fairytale pumpkins are getting big! 9 on the vine so far. Thanks KR!
I was going to do the 19th month update but this blogpost is too long....so I'll save it for next week!


Dean Family said...

Keepin busy as always and so glad the festival went well!! Love all the pics- your hair is getting long :)

The Coito Family said...

LOVE having you two at strollerfit!!!