Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Celebration in Graeagle

This year we headed up again for our annual Graeagle trip. They do such a wonderful 4th of July celebration it's hard to miss!  We headed up with just the 4 of us, then were joined by Mike's parents, sister and husband. It was a fun family weekend! We enjoyed the sun, fireworks and wildlife!
We found some enormous dandelions on one of our many walks.
We kept a wildlife count!  1 cotton tail, 5 deer, snake, chipmunks (or were they squirrels?), robins, blue jays and MANY other birds we cannot name. 
 We were walking between condos and Giada yells to me "mom look its camouflaged"  
I was then instructed to watch the snake so she could go get everyone!  Mike of course picked it up! And Gina was then asked all weekend by Giada, "Gina why are you so scared of snakes??"

Every year from the condos we can hear the Civil War being reenacted all weekend. You can hear the big cannons blasting off. Well we were on a walk downtown and they had a practice battle going on.  It was like they didn't even see the stroller! They were blasting the guns right by us, SO loud.  The kids were good sports, I think more surprised than anything.  Then Giada was thrilled when one of the "gunners" came over to see her and let her hold the gun.
 Snow cones at 9am....sure! No shortage of fun for this girl!
 Fun to have a morning visit with the Archuletas.  They were up visiting friends so we met up at the lake while the boys were all out golfing.  The kids were surprised to see each other in "grayed eagle"

We took a few self photos this weekend...

Again at the fireworks... Which is the best fireworks show I've ever seen. Graeagle never disappoints!
Gino was asleep when we got there, woke up to watch for a minute then crashed out on my shoulder!
He thinks it is SO funny when Mike tickles his stomach. 

Sunday morning off to the Pancake Breakfast at the firehouse!

 Thanks for showing us the firetrucks Trey!
 Pin wheels were a hit!

   These days the family picture doesn't always go as planned.....
But she will ALWAYS smile if the pic is with uncle Scott! 

And always the bear pictures. We learned his name is Beauregard!

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