Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summertime, Stella Professional Pics, Corn Festival & Dentist!

Summertime is here 100+ last week, lots of time in the water for the little ones!  Gino wasn't so sure at first...but warmed up quickly!!

The kiddos have no shortage of fun with Nana and Pops when we are doing oil work.  

And I already knew Giada had Pops wrapped around her little finger, but this was the topper! Nana said Pops came in and said, "we need nail polish" my mom said, "for what?" He replied, " Giada wants her nails painted!" 

We need our Stella fix, so we have lots of visits down to Matt and Stephs throughout the week!

We headed to the pool with the Archuletas one morning, it was so relaxing!

2012 Corn Festival!
What you have never heard of it??? It's in Brentwood and apparently on it's 20th year!! Let's just say it is NO Asparagus Festival and I think we could have planned it better! But it was fun to spend a couple hours in the sun and Giada had a blast. Snow cones, rides with her aunties, face painting and a toe ring!

Dinner Club BBQ with the boys and kids! 

Sunday Funday with the Bushalacchi's and Kerns!

I said, " Really Giada those pants with that dress? " "Mom, they both have pink match match!"  

Check up at Dr Hilders! 

Day with the fam in Old Sac!
We got some beautiful pictures of Stella Jean. Thank you Stephanie Moe! Thank you for letting my kids come jump in a couple. Nana thank you for taking them while I was working. They love their cousin!!

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Sloan Family said...

SUCH sweet pictures with Baby Stella! I love the one with her and Giada!

Happy Birthday to Gino too! One does the time go so fast with little guys??