Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mike's Birthday, Visit with the Kernals, 11 months, Giadaisms & CP kid visit

Mike and I have birthday's right next to Mother's Day & Father's Day so lots of celebrating these days.
Friday Night we hung out with the Kernals. It was fun to catch up and let the kids play.

Cutie pie Aubrey!

The kids were so funny when we wanted to take these pictures...

Pretend Sleeping...
Silly Face...

 Then Smiles!

Fun in the bath with lots of kids! Dylan did tell us "mommy, too many people in here!"

We spent Mike's birthday at home working on projects, stopping by the Coldani Family reunion and having delicious Dave Wongs for dinner. Giada and I attempted his favorite Banana Cream Pie for dessert!  Fun day had by all. Then Sunday I had chef Nick Guontone come over and make us a delicious dinner and celebrate with Mike's parents, and Gina/Scott. It was fun to have a delicious meal and not have to leave the house or the kids! Carrot Cake for dessert #2 and who would have thought Giada would steal every ones clams to eat!

We are so lucky to live right down the street from Matt and Steph and visit baby Stella almost every day. Giada is a baby hog. I need to go visit by myself so I can hold her longer! She is so sweet and sleeping so long Steph has to wake her up to feed her!!!!!! Complete opposite from my kids! 

When I asked Giada if she could hold Stella and Gino, she looked at me and says "well I have two arms!"  Like I said 3 going on 13!  Gino looks huge in this picture!
Baby Cain Meyer surprised Bre and Scott a little early! 
6/22/12       7 lbs. 10 oz. 19.5 in

 We finally got a play date together with the Lorber, Cuneo, Coldani and McMorrow ladies.  So fun to catch up and meet little Collin McMorrow who didn't make a peep all day!

 Gino started gymnastics and loves it. Just when I thought I had a break from parent tot ...I'm back.  It was becoming harder to keep Gino occupied during Giada's class ...so I started him in his own!

Big boy car seat!
Forgot to post 11 month pics and update.  
He had crazy hair that day and was running all around but I caught a few pics.

We have a little walker folks!
11 Months old
- Taking a few steps and getting more and more confident each day. We will have a walker by his birthday I think.
- 3rd tooth on the top coming down
- Sleeping better, 10/11 pm feeding is gone and sleeping almost 7pm - 3-4am ....finally!
- Likes his pacifier still
- Puts EVERYTHING in his mouth
- Definitely says "hi" "Dada" "uh oh"repeats sounds and noises people/Giada make...no "mama" yet :(
- Enjoys feeding himself more and more, likes fruit and sweeter things, peas, etc

- Giada likes to dress herself these days. The outfits are getting pretty terrible. Striped pants, wild shirt, and 10 bows in her hair...some days it is quite a sight. Today I dressed her and she said " Oh I look so stylish" where does she come up with this stuff!?
- She stalls and negotiates for pretty much anything you ask her to do. The other day she said "you don't have any idea why I said that?"  No Giada I don't have any idea please tell me...and she will go on to explain why she doesn't want to do what I'm requesting.
- " I want to shoot my pee like Dylan and Seve"
- We were looking at a picture and I said that was a toad, she said, " no that's a frog" I said, well sometimes they are called toads and sometimes frogs. She says, "why is that" I said, I'm not sure we should look that up!  She says, " say Giada that's a good question!"  lol
- "Is my hair all messy like a rats nest? Is there a rat in there?"
- She always that something will take her " a couple while"
- " Why does Gino have that ball thing by his pee pee"
- Gino threw a ball and she looks at him and says "Really Gino you are going to throw that ball at me, really!"  I couldn't help but bust up laughing. Apparently I say "really" a lot.... she sounded just like me, it was scary!
- "Mommy I just love your hugs"
- " I want to be a clown when I grow up that would be so much fun to paint my nose red"
- "Tinkerbell doesnt go to my school she goes to tree school because she lives in a tree"

She is a feisty little one who keeps us entertained and on our toes!

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